For products that are sent digitally, the right of withdrawal does not apply. The sale is final after successful payment. Additional information can be found in Article 230p of the Civil Code – Book 6, Law of Obligations.

When making an order with digital online content, you will be reminded in the ordering process that by ordering you agree to delivery (Digital download + license code). You further agree that you will lose your right to withdraw from the contract once the downloading of the digital content (software) has begun.


  • Received license codes cannot be returned.

For all other products, the rules listed in our terms and conditions section 9 apply.


You do retain the right to warranty at 7 MS shop.

Should a digital key fail, 7 MS Shop will provide a replacement, working key. We will first check the current installation and troubleshoot (if necessary). Warranty can be requested by contacting us via email or live chat. This way we can help you as quickly as possible.

For all other warranty conditions, the rules listed in our terms and conditions section 13 apply.